Tape Backup Is Slow, Unreliable, and a Headache To Use!

New Transportable Disk Backup Solutions Solve These Problems Of Tape Backup Drives

Tape Is A Headache!

If you’ve ever been burned by recovering data from a tape backup drive, or suffered through lengthy data restoration issues, you are not alone: A recent survey of 200 IT Managers (cited in InfoStor, November 2004), indicated that nearly half the respondents experienced a high unsuccessful backup rate using tape backup drives. And, trouble with backups equates to long downtime?meaning loss of productivity and revenue, not to mention a lot of stress. With tape backup drives, you are typically looking at 12-18 hours to recover a server, and 15-20 minutes per file restore (which can total up to 3-4 hours with just 10-15 file restorations per month).

What About Disaster Recovery?

With all the problems surrounding tape backup drives, it’s no surprise small businesses and system integrators strongly prefer disk backup solutions. A recent InfoStor survey indicated that 63.6 percent of respondents are considering the purchase of disk-based backup products in the next 12 months. However, most of these systems still rely on tape for vital disaster recovery functions of rotation and offsite archival. The main reason tape media is being used is because it is durable and can be transported.

Rotation and offsite archiving is needed to protect your data from hazards such as theft, viruses, worms, Trojan horses, fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, indoor sprinkler systems, media failures and other disasters. Tape backup drives are used primarily for disaster recovery because hard drives have traditionally been too fragile to be transported or handled routinely (hard drives can be damaged by a mere 1/4-inch drop). That is why tape backup drives continue to survive even though most users hate using them.

Transportable Hard Drives Eliminate Tape (And A Lot Of Headaches)

Most removable hard drives have only a one-year warranty. However, a select few manufacturers are now offering a three- to five-year warranty. If your data is important to you, choose an external drive with a three- to five-year warranty period. The warranty period is a strong predictor of the true reliability you can expect and not all drives are equal in quality!

Which Removable Hard Drives Are Best?

With so many choices of removable hard drives, which models are best? You can obtain a report that compares over 35 models of popular removable hard drives to help you discern which are the best, saving you hours of research time. This report can be found at http://olixir.com/3dx-mail.php.

Are You In A Rush To Choose A Superior Removable Hard Drive?

  SLDT Tape Backup Drive Solution Olixir’s Mobile DataVault FastRestore SE
Restore Time for 100 MB File (Typical) 15 minutes <5 seconds
Restore Time for 250 GB Sever (Typical) 12-18 Hours <2 hours
Media Capacity (Native) DLT – Max: ~110 GB Max: 500 GB
Ability to Rotate & Archive Offsite? Yes Yes, with Olixir’s shock protection
Installation Time Hours Under 30 minutes via plug-and-play USB 2.0 or Firewire.
Expandable to Larger Capacity? No Yes: Infinitely expandable via higher capacity hard drives; daisy-chainable
Cleaning Yes No
Warranty 1 Year (Typical) 3 Years
Cost Most midrange 110 GB tape backup drives with 5 tapes: $3000-$7000 Backup-to-portable 250 GB drive kit: $2999
(Comes with 5 transportable hard drives, chassis that holds drives, and professional software)

Who Is Using Transportable Hard Drives Instead Of Tape Backup Drives?

Through its production of transportable hard drives, Olixir has grown a worldwide customer base that uses its transportable hard drive solutions to replace tape backup drives for both backup and disaster recovery. One IT consulting company owner who regularly uses Olixir drives for backup solutions states:

I can’t tell you how many headaches your products have alleviated for us. As far as I’m concerned, there are no other external hard drive solutions that even come close and we have tried several different solutions.

Jason Ballard, NetSignalz.com, Illinois

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