Considering Purchasing A Removable Hard Drive?

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Are you looking for an external hard drive that is transportable? Such drives are often used for applications such as backup with offsite archiving, video surveillance or moving data around. If so, you are likely looking for a removable hard drive, which is essentially an external hard disk drive that is compact and durable enough to be routinely inserted and removed from a chassis, server tower, or other device and moved around with little risk of damage.

When you consider the hundreds of bare drive carriers and external hard disk drives in the market, you may feel confused as to how to pick the best removable hard drive. According to a user survey, most end users end up choosing removable hard drives on one of the follow criteria:

  1. Availability: Many end users purchase based on where they can easily find a removable hard drive first.
  2. Capacity: Some removable hard drives come with a bare hard disk drive internally, and some may just be a carrier that you insert a hard drive into at a capacity of your choice.
  3. Transfer rate: For many users, the faster the better (though many get fooled by sustained vs. max? rates most external drives have a very similar sustained transfer rate and this is the rate you should care about. Ignore the burst transfer rate.)
  4. Interface: Typically IDE, but some removable hard drives have USB 2.0, Firewire or Serial ATA interfaces.
  5. Price: Many end users purchased based strictly on price without a closer look at crucially important features. Remember, all removable hard drives are not the same and often times, you get what you pay for.

But, a few other key criteria are much more important than the ones above for a removable hard drive:

Shock Protection

Bare hard disk drives are extremely fragile by nature, making them ill-suited for transportability. Independent Technology Services states, Rough handling accounts for more damage than all other factors combined. In fact, a drop of just 1/4-inch can cause damage to a bare disk drive. Even the simple act of removing or inserting a removable hard disk drive can cause damage to a hard disk. Thus, shock protection is the most important feature you should look for in a removable hard drive to keep your data protected. Shock protection of over 1,000 Gs (2.0ms) is suggested for protection from small drops, knocks, bumps and routine insertions/removals. Such protection is essential if you plan to transport or handle your removable hard drive whether it is just being moved across the hall or being sent offsite for archiving.


Most removable hard drives have only a one-year warranty. However, a select few manufacturers are now offering a two to five-year warranty. If your data is important to you, choose an external drive with a two to five-year warranty period. The warranty period is a strong predictor of the true reliability you can expect and not all drives are equal in quality!

Which Removable Hard Drives Are Best?

With so many choices of removable hard drives, which models are best? You can obtain a report that compares over 35 models of popular removable hard drives to help you discern which are the best, saving you hours of research time. This report can be found at

Are You In A Rush To Choose A Superior Removable Hard Drive?

You may want to consider the Mobile DataVault 3DX from Olixir Technologies. Tom’s Hardware Guide has a review on this drive at:

The removable hard drive features:

  1. Extreme Durability: With 1,200 Gs of shock protection, this removable hard drive is unmatched by high-capacity models, allowing you to transport it safely without high risk of losing data.
  2. Superior Warranty: Backed by a three- to five-year warranty while most removable hard drives have only a one-year warranty.
  3. High Capacity: Capacities ranging from 120 GB to 500 GB.
  4. Fast Performance: Sustained data transfer rate of up to 35-40 MB/s with USB 2.0 or Firewire and up to 55 MB/s with SATA.
  5. Compatibility: Plug-and-play ease of use with most operating systems.
  6. Versatility: A versatile interface that allows for interchangeable use of USB 2.0/1.1, Firewire, SATA cables, or this drive can be plugged into and ejected from a 5.25″ docking bay. Thus, this removable hard drive can be used for just about any application or platform.
  7. Portable, handheld package: About the size of a VHS tape and smaller than other high-capacity removable hard drives or bulky bare drive carriers.
  8. Award-winning software: Comes with EMC Dantz® Restrospect® Backup software.

The key feature of the Mobile DataVault 3DX is its unsurpassed durability ? with 1,200 Gs of shock protection , this product is much more durable than other removable hard drives.

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