Why does Dantz Retrospect display Error 102, Error 203, or Error 36?

Dantz Retrospect Express displays Error 102 Trouble Communicating, Error 203 Hardware Failure or Error?36 (MAC) (I/O errors)?

These are always generated by the destination device (e.g., Personal Storage 5000) and reported by Retrospect. General Device Troubleshooting steps for the errors above:

  1. Mac – Does the device show up in Apple System Profiler? Windows – Does the device show up in Device Manger, does it have a drive letter?

    The OS needs to see the drive, or Retrospect won’t be able to see it either.

  2. Check to see if there is a more recent driver for the USB or IEEE 1394 device.
  3. Make sure the device is plugged directly into the computer (no Hubs).
  4. Make sure the device is using it’s own power supply (no bus power).
  5. Isolate the device.
  6. Change USB or IEEE 1394 cables.
  7. Try another port on the computer.
  8. Try another computer.