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Video Surveillance Storage Solutions | Drives, Racks & Towers

Video Surveillance Storage / DVR Solutions

Our High Capacity External/Removable Drive Solutions


Affordable, Fast & Simple

Storage & Archival of Video Surveillance Data

Video Surveillance Storage Frustrations

  • Limited Capacity / Duration
  • Video Quality Constraints
  • Slow Seek Time with Tape
  • Analog Media
  • Limited Expandability
  • Short Time Span Between Archives

Olixir offers a variety of data storage solutions for the Video Surveillance and DVR Market. All of our solutions feature the use of Olixir’s High Capacity, Military-Grade, Durable, and High Performance External-Removable Drives. The drives can be connected directly to a DVR or other host computing device, or used as a removable drive in a 19″ Rack or Tower for higher capacity storage.

Examples of our products:

Benefits of Our Storage Solutions

  • High Capacity Media = Long Video Storage
    • Up to 6 TB Capacity Per Olixir External-Removable Drive
  • Durable Media
    • Safe to archive (to a vault or just about anywhere else)
    • Features Olixir Patented Shock Protection
  • Fast Performance
    • Optimal Seek/Write Times
    • Hard Drive or SSD Based (instead of slow DVD/Tape Media)
  • No More Hassle with Tape
    • Easily Seek Back to Anytime
  • Easy Re-usability/Archivability
    • Removable Drive
  • Versatility
    • In a Docking Bay

      Easy to Rotate Drives in Secure 5&#188 Docking Bay

    • via Stand-alone Cable

      Connect via USB 3.0/eSATA Cable

    • In a 19″ Rack or Tower


  • For Integrators

    • Scalable 19″ Racks / Towers
    • Removable Drive
    • Protection from Data Manipulation
    • Optional WORM
    • NAS or Direct-attached
    • JBOD or RAID

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  • For DVR Manufacturers

    • Olixir 5&#188″ Docking Bay can be installed in a DVR Chassis
    • Removable Drive can be inserted/removed from Docking Bay Tray
    • Docking Bay is lockable for Security

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  • For Business Owners

    • Olixir External Drives can be connected to – the USB 3.0/2.0 Port or eSATA Port of a DVR via Cable
    • Makes convenient high capacity storage/archival solution

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Please Enter Your Information to Download the Datasheet

Please Enter Your Information to Download the Datasheet