Olixir Technologies Launches “Backup-To-Portable Disk” Solution For Backup & Disaster Recovery

Olixir Technologies Launches “Backup-To-Portable Disk” Solution For Backup & Disaster Recovery

Revolutionary Product Uses Olixir’s High-Performance, Durable Hard Drives for Daily Rotation, Offsite Archiving, and Backup and Disaster Recovery, and Enables Restore Times That Are up to 2500 Percent Faster Than Tape

Milpitas, CA – January 8, 2004 Olixir Technologies, a leading provider of ruggedized, portable data storage solutions, today announced the launch of Mobile DataValut FastRestore SE, a chassis-based portable hard drive backup and disaster recovery system, based on Olixir’s ruggedized, high-speed, high-capacity Mobile DataVault 3DX portable disk drives. Designed as a faster, more reliable alternative to midrange tape backup systems, Olixir’s Mobile DataVault FastRestore SE is more costeffective and versatile than mainstream Digital Linear Tape (DLT), Linear Tape Open (LTO) and Advanced Intelligent Type (AIT) tape-based technologies.

Enabling faster restore speeds and less upfront costs than most midrange tape drives, Olixir’s Mobile DataVault FastRestore SE includes a small USB 2.0 and Firewire-capable chassis into which the shockprotected, high-capacity, hot-swappable Mobile DataVault 3DX portable hard drives can easily be inserted and removed from for easy, reliable media rotation and data archiving. A second Firewire port on the chassis enables users to daisy-chain additional chassis creating a future-proof, expandable storage solution for growing businesses.

“The introduction of our Mobile DataVault FastRestore SE is already creating quite a buzz in the industry as it is the industry’s first viable disk-based tape replacement system,” explained Darshan Shah, President of Olixir Technologies. “With the speed of business communications and transactions being enabled and driven by the Internet, time is becoming increasingly valuable to today’s growing businesses. IT administrators are looking for data storage and restoration technologies that are reliable, fast, and versatile, and protect data from not only disasters, but viruses. By shock-protecting high-speed, highquality disk drives, we have developed the perfect solution to take data backup and disaster recovery News Release technology to the next level. Our solution allows disk drives to be rotated daily and archived offsite, just
like tape.”

About Olixir’s Mobile DataVault FastRestore SE

Olixir’s Mobile DataVault FastRestore SE consists of five 108 GB or 250 GB Mobile DataVault 3DX portable drives, one compact hot-swappable chassis with one USB and two Firewire interfaces, a Firewire cable for connecting the chassis to the users’ server, a Firewire PCI card for the server, and Dantz® Retrospect® Backup software to support a server and five clients.

Proven to withstand shocks of up to 1200 Gs without damage to stored data, the high-capacity Mobile DataVault 3DX portable drives include 7200 RPM performance with 8MB of cache memory. At a height of 1.40 inches, width of 4.45 inches and length of 7.5 inches, Mobile DataVault 3DX is compact enough to fit into the palm of a hand, making it transportable in any briefcase, safe, cabinet, or other external storage container. Weighing in at a little over a pound, the Mobile DataVault 3DX can easily be moved and integrates a rugged cooling system. The entire system is warranted for three years, compared to one year for many popular tape-based systems.

Olixir’s Backup to Portable Disk Kit, the industry’s first viable disk-drive-based tape replacement solution, is more cost effective and easier to use than popular DLT, AIT, and LTO tape technologies. Performance advantages of using Olixir’s disk-based solution rather than tape includes up to 50 times faster restoration times and 5 to 50 times faster backup times compared to tape-based solutions. The secret to this solution is the use of portable 180 to 250 GB (native) hard drives instead of tape. Using patented 1200 G shock protection, these small 3.5-inch ATA portable drives are safe for daily rotation and offsite archiving. A small, hot-swap chassis makes daily rotations of the portable drives easy, allowing users to back up servers live without downtime.

Olixir’s Mobile DataVault 3DX portable drives offer super-fast data transfer rates of 40 MB/s sustained and bursts of up to 480 Mbps. Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux platforms, the Backup-to- Portable Disk system is infinitely expandable by integrating higher-capacity drives and daisy-chaining chassis. The system comes with award-winning Dantz® Retrospect® backup software for five clients and is also compatible with Veritas® Backup Exec 9.0+.

Available with 180 GB and 250 GB drives, Olixir’s “Backup-To-Portable Disk” kits are available now through PC Mall at list prices of $3,199 and $3,799 respectively.

Olixir Technologies (formerly Shwingtek, Inc.) designs and markets ruggedized, portable hard disk drive storage solutions for digitized data, including business continuity and disaster recovery solutions. Olixir’s Data Storage solutions are designed to be easy to manage and allow universal access to data across servers, media types, and storage networks in both the mainframe and open-systems environments. Olixir provides products and services to a broad range of customers, including large multi-national companies, midsize and small businesses, end users, universities, medical institutions, and governmental agencies. For additional information about Olixir and its products, visit the company’s website at olixir.com.

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