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Mobile DataVault 3DX

High Capacity • USB 2.0 • Semi-Rugged • Lowest Cost / GB

This high capacity semi-rugged external hard drive protects your data from knocks, jars, and drops using patented shock protection technology. Olixir’s best value on a “cost per GB” basis. Use with USB 2.0 cable, in a tower or a 19″ rack.

3DX External/Removable Hard Drive Features

  • Up to 2 TB Hard Drive Capacity
  • FIPS 140-2 Encryption Option
  • 1200G Shock Protection
  • USB 2.0 Cable or 5.25″ Docking Bay
  • Environmental Dust Filter Option

We’ve Created What We Consider To Be The Perfect External Portable Hard Drive

Take 90 Seconds to See If You Agree…

Here are the Portable Drive Checklist Standards for choosing the ideal portable or external drive:

  1. High reliability and shock protection to keep data safe
  2. Fast data transfer rate
  3. High maximum capacity
  4. Long operational life, backed by a three-year warranty
  5. Reasonably priced
  6. Easy to use; plug-and-play installation
  7. Usable with USB 2.0 interface, or in a docking bay
  8. Convenient portability in a handheld package that stands vertically

But…very few external drives meet all eight standards

Almost all high-capacity external hard drives fall short because they are too fragile and unreliable. How fragile? Consider the Maxtor 5000DV, whose instruction manual states:

Do not bump, jar, or drop the drive

Furthermore, Fujitsu Corporation warns its hard disk drive users of the following in a recent warranty statement:

A drop onto a hard surface from as little as ¼-inch (6 mm) can cause defects on the surface of the drive, so extreme care must be exercised when handling disk product.

Because of such fragility, most external drives should never be moved. Even if your drive simply sits on your desktop, you must take extra precaution to prevent an accidental drop or even a small knock. If this vulnerability is a concern to you, there are portable hard drives that use a more durable laptop bare drive internally; however, these are expensive, limited in capacity, and often are designed with sufficient durability.

So, Olixir Set Out to Develop the Perfect Drive

We developed an “external portable hard drive”, the Mobile DataVault 3DX, with the following benefits:

High Durability & Reliability to Keep Your Data Safe

Provides 1,200G of patented shock protection in a high-impact case, which keeps your data protected from knocks, bumps, or accidental drops. Uses high-quality internal drives. This drive is over 425% more shock protected than over 35 other models!

Mega Capacity Compared to Other Portable Drives

Choose from 1TB to 2TB — larger than most other portable drives, DLT tapes, and equivalent of hundreds of CDs and thousands of floppy disks.

High Data Transfer Rate

With 7200 RPM, and up to 40 MB/s sustained transfer rates, this drive can move a Gigabyte data in less than 25 seconds.

Amazing Reliability Backed by a Two-Year Guarantee!

We confidently provide a two-year warranty, including drops! Most portable and external drives have just a one-year warranty.

Easy Installation and Use

Plug-and-play with Windows 2000+, Macintosh OS, and Linux.

Small Handheld Package That Stands Vertically

At 4.4 x 7.5 x 1.4 inches, this drive is about the size of a VHS tape. It is over 40% smaller than many popular external drives.

Ultra Flexible Interface

Use INTERCHANGEABLY with USB 2.0 cable, or with 5.25 docking bay!

Reasonably priced

By using a 3.5 bare drive internally, this external hard drive offers more capacity for the price compared to “rugged” portable drives.

Don’t take our word for it

This external hard drive is widely considered to be one of the best in the world by publications such as Tom’s Hardware Guide. The excitement stems from its ability to meet all eight criteria of the Portable Hard Drive Checklist Standards and its unsurpassed versatility.

Detailed Specifications

General Characteristics
Capacity 1TB, 2TB
Connectivity USB 2.0 Cable or 5.25” Docking Bay (Contact us for availability of FireWire/eSATA Cable)
Physical Dimensions 1.40 in x 4.45 in x 7.50 in
Weight 12.5 oz
Shock (Half-Sine Wave)
Operating (rms) 150 G (2.0 ms)
Non-Operating (rms) 1,200 G (2.0 ms)
Vibration (Half-Sine Wave)
Operating (rms) 0.75 G (22-350 Hz)/0.38 G (350-500 Hz)
Non-Operating (rms) 1.50 G (22-350 Hz), 0.75G (350-500 Hz)
Warranty 2 Years

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Please Enter Your Information to Download the Datasheet

Please Enter Your Information to Download the Datasheet