David F., Brooklyn, NY

“Hi Olixir,

First of all, I would like you to know that I currently own two other USB 2.0 external hard drives (from different companies), but nothing at all comes close to this piece you are offering, for the following reasons: It’s flawless, quiet, extremely small and slim (ideal for travel, as I do everyday), on-and-off switch, and–best of all–durable (1,200G).

I use this drive as an automatic backup that travels with me. This drive is set in my attaché case, with the connector cables hanging on the wall where they meet the attaché case hard drive every day. I switch it on, and it automatically backs up my 60 GB of data every afternoon using Dantz Retrospect software. I also bought a second set of cables for this drive, which I keep at my home for a just-in-case scenario. Believe me, there’s nothing out there close to it! Keep it up Olixir; when my hard drive fills up, I would like to buy a 300 GB version (or even bigger).

When a piece of hardware like this performs seamlessly, money is not in question; it pays for itself every day!


David F.
Brooklyn, NY